Atais Agency Corporate Identity + Website

For Atais Agency three important works were carried out; Corporate Identity, Website and its internal CRM. Each of these works was designed and executed with the objective of improving the company's image and optimizing its client, project and billing management.

First, the Corporate Identity project was carried out, which consisted of developing a solid and coherent visual identity for the brand. We worked on the creation of a logo and a color palette that reflected Atais Agency's values and personality. In addition, business cards and corporate stationery were designed to ensure a uniform and professional image in all company communications.

We created a modern and functional website, conveying the company's experience and skills. We worked on creating a clear and easy-to-navigate structure, as well as integrating multimedia content to highlight the company's services and projects. The website was designed to be responsive, adapting to any mobile device and allowing clients to access company information anytime, anywhere.

Finally, an internal CRM was implemented to manage clients, projects and invoicing. A customized platform that allowed Atais Agency to have a centralized record of all its clients, projects and invoices.


Duration Project: 45 days

Client: Atais Agency

Corporate Identity + Website

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