Luna Casting & Productions Corporate Identity + Website

Luna Casting & Productions is a company dedicated to the production of casting for audiovisual projects. As for the work done for this company, two important projects were carried out: Corporate Identity and Website.

For the Corporate Identity project, we created a solid and coherent brand image with the company's identity. We worked on the design of a modern and attractive logo that represented Luna Casting & Productions effectively. In addition, business cards, letterheads and other stationery elements were created to reinforce the company's image.

A high quality website was designed and developed to reflect the brand image created. We worked on the structure of the website to make it intuitive and easy to navigate, and added sections with useful information for potential clients, such as the services offered by the company, projects completed, clients served and testimonials from satisfied clients. Special attention was paid to technical aspects, such as optimizing the site for search engines and adapting it to mobile devices.

In summary, the work done for Luna Casting & Productions succeeded in creating a solid and coherent brand image and a professional and effective website to attract potential clients and improve the company's online presence.


Duration Project: 15 days

Client: Luna Casting & Productions

Corporate Identity + Website

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