MIB Surgery Corporate Identity + Social Media

MIB Surgery is a minimally invasive and bariatric surgery clinic. As for the work done for MIB Surgery, two types of work were carried out: Corporate Identity and Social Media.

The corporate identity of the company was created, including the creation of a logo, the choice of corporate colors, typography and stationery design. A modern and elegant image was sought, reflecting the quality and accuracy of the services they offer.

Secondly, MIB Surgery's social networks were designed, with customized designs, including cover and profile images, publications and designs for announcements and promotions. All of this was done in accordance with the previously established corporate image, in order to maintain consistency across all of the company's digital platforms.

In summary, the work done for MIB Surgery included the design of the company's corporate identity and social networks, which allowed a better projection of the brand in the market, greater interaction with the public and greater visibility of its services.


Duration Project: 21 days


Corporate Identity + Social Media

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